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Brexit: Analysis and FAQs


The current political situation is uncertain and subject to change. To date the government has not taken any formal position as to the future status of EEA nationals living and working/studying in the UK. However, at present, the government has confirmed the following:

“The UK remains a member of the EU … until Article 50 negotiations have concluded.

When we do leave the EU, we fully expect that the legal status of EU nationals living in the UK, and that of UK nationals in EU member states, will be properly protected.

The government recognises and values the important contribution made by EU and other non-UK citizens who work, study and live in the UK.”

The full statement can be read here:

In practice, this means that EEA nationals still have free movement in the UK and are free to live and work/study or be self-employed or self-sufficient in the UK.

The same guidance applies to Croatian nationals who require ‘worker authorisation’ in the UK and to non-EEA family members of EEA nationals. Please also see the guidance below regarding options for obtaining an EEA Permanent Residence Card.