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Brexit: Analysis and FAQs

Latest analysis from Cambridge experts:

Cambridge and Europe

Student mobility

  • 11.6% of our undergraduate students (1,434) are non-UK EU/EEA nationals. 
  • 24% of our postgraduate students (2,462) are non-UK EU/EEA nationals. 

Staff mobility

  • 20.3% of our staff (2,459) are from non-UK EU/EEA countries.
  • During 2018 so far there have been, on average, 49 new starters each month from non-UK EU/EEA countries.

Research collaboration

  • EU research grants now account for close to 18% of the University’s total research income.
  • In recent years the University has received an average of around £60m per annum in new grants and awards from the EU. 
  • European Research Council grants account for nearly 60% of the University’s EU research funding. Cambridge has more ERC grants than any university in Europe other than Oxford, who receive an equal amount of ERC funding.

Key contacts for staff and students

  • The University’s International Student Office provides advice on a range of student-related immigration matters for applicants, students and their family members.
  • The HR Compliance Team have significant experience with assisting with immigration applications.
  • The Cambridge Research Office provides advice on the impact of Brexit on EU grants, research projects and collaborations. For further information please contact the EU team on using the email title 'Brexit query'.