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Brexit: Analysis and FAQs

Latest analysis from Cambridge experts:

Cambridge and the EU

Student mobility

  • 11.6% of our undergraduate students (1,434) are non-UK EU/EEA nationals. 
  • 24% of our postgraduate students (2,462) are non-UK EU/EEA nationals. 

Staff mobility

  • 20.3% of our staff (2,459 individuals) are from non-UK EEA countries.
  • During 2018 so far there have been, on average, 49 new starters each month from non-UK EEA countries.

Research collaboration

  • EU research grants now account for close to 18% of the University’s total research income.
  • In recent years the University has received an average of around £60m per annum in new grants and awards from the EU. 
  • European Research Council grants account for nearly 60% of the University’s EU research funding. Cambridge has more ERC grants than any university in Europe other than Oxford, who receive an equal amount of ERC funding.